Things i've noticed about biotics

i’m unsure if this is a mod thing or not, but just jotting down here a few weird things i’ve noticed about biotics in the time i’ve been using them in my current run as a bio soldier:

it seems like when you’re using your biotics as an enhancement to help you with something (say, hydraulic muscles to give you 20 strength to lift out that storage battery you want) it not only uses the power that the biotic activated needs, but also all the remaining biotic power you have… you could attribute this to the time it takes to do that particular task over how much power the biotic takes, but i’ve been full up (1000 power) and gone straight to empty with just hydraulic muscles. … on the other hand, if you’re doing the same thing and only have 20 power, you can activate the muscles and do the whole task with minimal loss. technically unrelated, but it seems like any time you do a task with a bionic activated, it deactivates. (not just because you’ve run out of power, a few times i’ve done a simple lift of a normal car battery with hydraulic limbs, 14 strength when i only have 12, and i’ve had power left but hydraulic limbs was off.)

related to that: i have a CBM as the bio warrior called ‘laser gatling arm’, notsureifmodornot, doesnt show up on the wiki so i assume it is… anyway, it costs 50MJ to activate, and sprays about 5 lasers at my intended target… thing is, it USUALLY takes 50MJ per laser shot, so it actually costs more than you’d expect it to… well, as above, if you only have 50MJ, it still activates, but also all 5 shots still fire… so i’ve been able to gasoline generator CBM myself to 50 power, (about 4 turns), and then unleash a full volley of lasers again.