Using a mace for clearing young trees is better than using an electric chainsaw?

An oddity I noticed, it seems I can clear away young trees much quicker using a bashing weapon than an electric chainsaw (yes I did turn it on LOL).

Seems like chainsaws should get a bonus to 's’mashing trees? Chainsaw can clear away a young tree easily.

I imagine it would be better than using a mace in any case…

are you using (s)mash? smash only cares about the bashing damage of a weapon, not it’s cutting.

I see. I guess it’s just a gameplay mechanics thing then. But…

Really… it’s a freakin’ chainsaw! An automatic tool designed for easily cutting through wood.

I made a chainsaw to clear out some young trees, and it worked pitifully compared to a mace. It just doesn’t make any sense and I thought I’d point it out…

Also, a Chainsaw has Tree Cutting power of 2, while a Wood Axe has Tree Cutting power of 3. Why is a low tech wood axe better than a chainsaw at cutting down trees!!

I guess my main complaint is that chainsaws are underwhelming and need a buff, otherwise they are rather useless.

EDIT: Okay… thinking about it, it does make perfect sense.

(S)mash command represents a general unskilled usage of the item as a bludgeon. That’s why smashing things with a jackhammer has poor results, but (a)ctivating it and selecting to jackhammer a wall works as you might expect. The thing is chainsaw lacks an activateable action like this for general usage against wooden objects (for fully grown trees the option in the construction menu works just fine though). Just ignore my ranting…

First time I survived long enough to give a crap about cutting a tree down and I found the option in construction. Strange and if not for being a regular here, I think I would have never found it.

In a similar vein, kind of, Cordless Drills can’t be Unloaded or Disassembled.

If you can’t seem to unload it from your inventory by selecting it and then hitting U, you can try dropping the cordless drill on the ground, stand over it , and hit (U)nload… it doesn’t show up as an option to unload? It’s usually the first option on the right hand side, or hotkey 0.

You can also cut up or salvage items by standing on them and hitting B(if hitting D after selecting the item in your inventory doesn’t work), then selecting to salvage or cut up the item. Not every item can be disassembled though, it seems, and I’m not sure about the cordless drills. Some items can be cut up though, usually clothes, that can’t be disassembled.

I usually just take the 300 batteries out of them myself, and don’t even pick them up, so I know you can unload them that way, if that’s what you meant.