Egg Laying as Female Bird/Lizard mutant

Mostly in houses, mansions and the like, residental places. Zombies can also drop them and sometimes they are just sitting on the roads in cities. They seem oddly rare considering usually it’s like 90 days+ in before I ever see one. That “Good Feeling” +40 moral bonus for 20 battery charge is a nice perk though :stuck_out_tongue:


An unfertilized egg isn’t anything like a baby. That’s like saying every woman culls her children every month on her period (the mammalian equivalent of laying an unfertilized egg.)

That being said most reptiles will actually break down their unfertilized eggs internally to be uptaken by their bodies once more. Regular egg laying of unfertilized eggs is something that’s been bred for in domesticated animals. In the wild it represents a distinct evolutionary disadvantage since you are wasting energy for nothing.

Overall I don’t really think this sort of idea is remotely necessary. Slime already has a form of parthenogenesis and I feel like without good reason the other mutation categories shouldn’t really step on one of Slime’s main bonuses, given all the disadvantages in the Slime tree compared to others.

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Depends on the species. It’s been suggested recently that rattlesnakes can form family units, and will actively defend their babies.

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Babies are delicious, like veal.

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There’s a mod created by the user @Eirenex that allows you to lay eggs (& more). I’m not sure if it still works with the most recent experimental version, so proceed with caution. Here it is, go nuts.

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Besides houses, I’ve found them in pawn shops and recycling centers before.

I think it still works,but i always appreciate feedback on it, i fixed some issues months ago with that one.
Pixel's Various Fuckery for the feedback to go.