Earned Traits/Perks

One of the things I really liked in some games is that the things you do in the game were recognized by the game and you got rewarded for it. I really loved the system in Fallout: New Vegas where if you killed a lot of a specific type of enemy you started to develop minor bonuses towards that enemy. I was thinking we could do the same thing in Cata. We already track the number of kills so why not give a small bonus to damage. Say 1% after killing 100 zombies (as zombies are very common). We can even come up with clever names for some of them.
I think a crafting stats screen wouldn’t be a bad idea either and you could do the same type of thing there. Cooked meat gives a slightly better bonus (or becomes perfectly cooked(food modifier tag?)) to morale after you’ve cooked it 100 times. (100 cooked meats? Carnivore is definitely the name of that one.)

A second aspect of a crafting stats page could be reducing returns of crafting the same item over and over and over and over. Just a thought towards balance. Please put main thoughts towards the main topic and keep this as an after thought.

Something like this will definitely be going in when we get around to it.


Achivements in general: yes.
Experience-based achievements that provide bonuses: yes
Practice falling off for doing the same thing over and over: I have some thoughts in this area I need to write up.

earning traits may be better for an overhaul type mod. so we keep the standard system, then have this as a mod or an option. I think some people may like the existing way, so if we make it a mod or an option, you can make a choice.

lots of people have discussed achievements, I think its meant to be a json so people can add lots of them. i like the idea of mods adding achievements for their mods.

I thin this should be added as core, Youtoo. Remember that we need to progress, not to make mods for everything. Some people may not like it, but i personnally think it is really good and realistic.