Since the game is in the future, it seems kind of weird how you still have to carry around physical books. I suggest adding some kind of scanner item that scans a specified book in your inventory and makes it available to read on a PDA. The scanner would consume a certain amount of batteries depending on how big the book is and the PDA would also consume a small amount of batteries when reading, but it would let you read in the dark without another light source.


What is this hipster garbage? I want physical copies! No DRM!

Same argument for steam/owning a physical copy. E-books have DRM in the future, so people stopped buying E-books and started reading regular books.

I like the idea. “E-book” makes me think of having the player find book usb and load them into PDA, permanent books without the added weight, but cost batteries instead. But I like your proposal too.


Could make it so that reading costs slight amounts of power, but allows reading in the dark (as the display is powered, see?). I support the idea.

I like all the ideas, dunno which one is the best.

can we stop calling it a PDA? They stopped calling them PDAs in like 2008 or something. They’re tablets now…

I-slab computing tablet…