Can you scan books to E-Ink Tablet?

So I have an entire storage section of my deathmobile just to hold skillbooks, and a e-ink tablet that I almost never have a use for. Is there any way to scan my books or the recipes they contain to the tablet, and just carry it around? I would rather not have to keep all these bulky books and magazines, and can have access to recipes anywhere. If this is not a feature, it REALLY needs to be one; its not like this is unrealistic, I have an iPad full of textbooks and references I use for work IRL.


This isn’t a feature in the core game. However there is a mod that does add it as an option:

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Would be great to have in core game. Being able to have all your tomes in one device would be fantastic…unless you had only batteries for keeping it active. Having it attach to UPS via toon device for walking around with it or attach to vehicle would be great.

I’ve been using the bookscanner mod for some time. It’s a nice feature, however, the interface is a bit unintuitive when you have a large collection of books saved in the tablet. There are no categories for the books, only names, this makes finding certain skill books a pain as it gives no information at all on what each book does. That being said, it’s still a great mod. I’d like to see more work done on it, specifically the category situation and the addition of being able to upload books to a smartphone as well.

I hope he is still working on the mod. It has been a little while since he last posted about working with it.

Care to suggest your idea to him? :slight_smile:

The smartphone idea has already been mentioned on that page, by you actually. The mod was just created last month by the looks of it, I’m sure it will be polished when the mod author gets around to working on it again.

I downloaded it, works pretty well for me.

Arg…I and my crap memory. I can’t remember sometimes, at , all xD

Well I guess I still like my idea then lol

I remember that occaisonally one can insert a memory drive and get individual recipes that way
would be great to have an easier system of copying the recipes over