E-Books/ Kindles

Basically those tablet devices that can have alot of books on them but require electricity to run and will not accept standard batteries due to the size of the device… but it automatically comes with rechargeable bat mod… and you could hook up perhaphs a charger to something.

E-Ink Tablet PC. PDA. Laptops. Take your pick.

Giving the E-ink tablet e-books would make it a must have item.

Laptops should be a treasure trove of data. Harddrives pulled from terminals should have random data on them based on where they are from. We seem to slowly be moving towards this kind of thing, but I just thought I’d say it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sheer amount of books in Cata completely baffles me considering it’s supposed to be a near-future sort of thing, isn’t it? Physical books are on the downward spiral in North America, everyone I know who was a hard-core book reader has switched over to tablets already. I know people who own tablets with thousands upon thousands of ebooks, or texts with literally ten thousand food recipes on it. I’d be in favor of making books in Cata rare and ebooks take their place; reading a real book (not just lab notes) should give a small morale bonus regardless of its content while ebooks give little to none unless it’s a morale-raising one.

That and the ability to transcribe/scan physical books into memory.

I can go to Amazon and buy a physical copy right alongside a virtual copy. I can go to services like lulu and order a physical copy on demand for not much more than a mass printed copy. Paper books are not on the way out. E-ink devices are fine for novels and absolutely terrible for reference books, which is effectively what crafting books are. You can’t stick your fingers in multiple places in an e-reader to quickly get needed info. You have to wait for a screen refresh every single time. Kindles are especially bad about this by being touchscreen only or hardware button only.