I expected I would have at least a few turns before it was going to explode. I lost a good character. Please update the item description to reflect that it blows up after one turn. Or extend the timer. Preferably the latter.

Always a good Idea to tell us if you’re on stable or experimental.

Also, I remember that Dynamite had a timer of 20 turns, not 1. So I checked in the latest experimental (4971), and you’re right, it explodes after on single turn. Which is basically extremely bad for every character, considering it’s pretty high blast radius.

I also checked the json files. It IS supposed to have a charge of 20 after being lit, as one can see in this part of the dynamite code:

"use_action": { "type": "transform", "target": "dynamite_act", "target_charges": 20, "need_fire": 1, "active": true, "msg": "You light the dynamite." }

Basically, you got killed by some kind of bug or mistake in the code.

Edit: I opened up an Issue on GitHub, so the modders can check on this bug themself. If you want to keep an eye on it, here’s the link:

I honestly thought this was an intentional chance of an early detonation. It would certainly match dynamite IRL. Good to know it’s a bug though.

Just a quick heads up for everyone interested and to lazy to check github:

Coolthulhu apparently fixed the issue, although with a somewhat dirty method. They say it should be fixed with this change, but they will most likely revisit the issue sometime later for a better solution. If you want to know more, link here:

So, Tactical, your survivor didn’t die for naught!