Activating an item should make a turn pass

Basically, you can activate 10 grenades in a row, and no turn will pass (or 10 mininukes, or 10 goo canisters. Whatever, haven’t check all objects, though). It’s odd for me.
That’s all. Quite a short request. Maybe, it’ll be hard to implement, don’t know.

Well, theoretically, if you were wearing a snazzy grenade harness, then activation would be as simple as pulling it off the harness, leaving the pin behind and activating it. :smiley:

We shouldn’t forget that Hollywood made us believe that the pin is easilly pulled from the grenade :slight_smile: . Otherwise grenades would blow up inside our rucksacks :slight_smile: . It requires a bit of time and strength :slight_smile: .
Even in FPS video games where you’re sometimes killed even before you activate your grenade :slight_smile:

Waddaya mean? They’re “Cooking” it xD essentially activating it waiting for the timer to go down (Wouldnt really be needed in real life, seeing shrapnel would fuck you up)

I mean, even in FPS games or Hollywood movies you need time to pull the grenade’s pin :slight_smile: . Assuming that you have your grenade in your hand already oO .
But who “wields” grenades in Cataclysm ? You need time to take the grenade and to trigger it.
So… Imagine this. You take one grenade, activate it, put it back in your pocket/backpack, take another one, put it also back in your pocket. And no time passes while you do this. This is what Cataclysm is like :slight_smile: .

p.s. BTW, the grenade’s pin is not the only thing you have to pull out. There are some blocking mechanisms also. As I said, otherwise, grenades would blow up in our rucksacks. Or millitarys rucksacks oO .

I thought you pull the pin, and hold the pressure thing (I forgot what they call it) and when you let that go, a thing pops out shrugs I dont know too much about hand grenades. But yeah. With a grenade belt it would be easier.

Also, if you drop a grenade on the ground (Inactive) and threw another one at it (active) would they both blow up? (In cataclysm)

Spoon ? Hold the spoon. Also, some grenades have some sort of blocking … safety clip (scheme1,example2).
wiki example

But anyway you can’t hold the spoon on two greandes at a time. You can’t even pull the ring from the second grenade, while you’r holding the first one. Cause pulling the ring requires some effort and strength.

Maybe, with a grenade pelt it would require less time to activate, but …that’s a whole different feature oO.

This feature is not about grenades :slight_smile: . Every item activation costs time. Even dropping items from your inventory costs some time.

It would make a certain amount of sense. +1.