Dynamically generated animals

dynamically generated animals

for the first let me say that i make translation to English with google translator because there is a lot of text so try not to be crazy) and wanna know what do you think about this) thank you) so let’s go:

at this point in the game there are a number of animals, birds and fish. they are hard coded and are basically the same zombies, but not always aggressive. I have an idea that the animal kingdom was generated independently at each location to play, every time we find something new for themselves and in the animal world.

but everything in order.

imagine that animals are built from parts like the car. For example: the body, head, 2, 4, 6, 8 feet, 2, 4, 8, eyes, tail, wings of a bird, wings dragonfly, scales, fur, thick skin, feathers, gills, a layer of fat, udder, armor, spikes sting, pincers, a bubble with acid, etc. wherein each said part has a relative size (like clothing, for example). similarly the total weight being given by the formula a number of strands, meat, liver, brain, etc., extracted with butchering.

the presence of even ten body parts (the number of legs, the number of eyes, wings, body, head, tail, udder cancer type, skin type, the presence of horns type of nose - trunk, stinging, tusks, etc.) with five different sizes (not , miniature, plain, big, gigantic) we get about 10 million species of animals (5 ~ 10).

Each animal is described by its system of aggressive, life has its own parameters, etc., as it is now.

while there are some glands that produce a number of secrets. each has its own view, which depends on the structure itself being. the secret may be produced when cutting and mixing together different secrets. give the various medicinal or poisonous (for arrows and spears) formulations.

the naming of the animals can be done automatically and give the Latin style. Armoured Claw (Panzerus Clawus) for example. it will help to somehow distance to determine the player in front of him. and add the size of the creature (for example, a huge shaggy beast, nothing more remarkable - bear - Fursus Vulgaris Colossus).

For example, if the creature came out like this: a small body with a panzer, six legs, a pair of large claws, sting, this Small Armoured Sting (Panzerus Stingerus Minorus), and in fact we have described a scorpion.

creatures are generated when you create a computer world or each location and are placed according to the type of environment (city, forest, field, marsh, river).

creatures can interbreed with each other (within certain limits, for example, if the similarity of the creatures on the basic parameters - body size, the number of legs, the type of habitat - not less than 50%), new born kinds of a few seasons (each species their number of seasons for Young gestation) may differ from the parent is not more than 10-20%.

in this species may be egglayers, while parents look after laying all the time until they hatch (now the spiders in the game).

animals can give their glands and something useful without being butchered on the carcass - milk, for example, or eggs.

the player can optionally start a farm and breed there birds, goats or even some monsters, if it sees fit (and if caught).

Alternatively, you can create an electric cooker Dr. Frank Einstein’s desk, where you can collect fresh parts of different bodies and receive a new creature, which can help the player to create their own animals for the farm or raise an army of monsters to fight the evil outside world.

so we can create a unique setting for each ecological environment. and this will add one more layer to game.

what do yu think about it?)

For normal animals this doesn’t make much sense since the game takes place on earth, with earthly animals. For some sort of mutated animals or dimensional crossover creatures, this could be a possibility, but the game engine currently doesn’t really support randomly generated monsters, or monsters that aren’t, more or less, carbon copies of a template.

it is absolutely realistic. each player will decide for himself what animal he saw - from the earth or from a parallel world. for example, one will decide for himself that the Big Fluffy Beast (Fluffus Vulgaris Colossus) is a bear or creature from another world, or a yeti or something else.

regard to the game engine, the animals can be based on the principle of ranged weapons, which has a modification. the animal is simply a pattern that fills modifications who already give him aggressive, hit points, speed, etc.

Very unlikely to happen. This would require redesigning a bunch of game features and implementing a bunch of ones that don’t exist yet.

It wouldn’t be easy to implement, it would take a lot of time to implement and then a lot of time to make sure it is working correctly.

You’re abstracting important information away from the player when you do that though. I don’t want to have to examine the description of every creature I come across to determine if it poses a threat. I can, in real life, look at a creature and tell you if it’s a bear or not. If I look at something in game that I would know in real life to be a bear, then I want to know that it is a bear in the game as well. I don’t want to have to piece together the clues to find out what I’m dealing with, when it’s something that I could easily identify. This is the main reason why I don’t like this as an implementation for everyday animals. We already have everyday animals that follow a set of given characteristics, so why change that and confuse the player?

The real strength for an idea like this, in a game like this, would be to allow something like bionic or mutant enemies that might have any number of possible characteristics that affect their behavior and attack patterns, or creatures from alternate dimensions for which we have no real earthly parallel. These are the places where random generation makes sense, not in the wildlife that we are all familiar with.

I agree that such a system would probably be overboard, and probably counterproductive for all animals, but for a limited number of special creatures it would make sense.
One way to implement this would be to add a module that when the world is generated creates a number of randomized creatures that fill certain roles, and then generate json definitions for them that use our current monster system. This way you could implement your randomization however you like without disturbing the rest of the game. The json for the random creatures would be saved along with the world so that the types would be persistent as long as the world is.

Kevin, thank you for answer. what i can to do for it. is this module must to be a part of game or it can be a mod?

This would definitely make mutants more interesting. What do we currently have other than those cannibal sewer dwellers and the random crap you can find locked in a lab somewhere? Dynamic mutant generation actually sounds kind of epic.

Or more trouble than it’s worth. But still slightly epic.

Different nether creatures and mutants each time I start a new world?

That sounds very roguelike to me, I like it a lot.

I also think Earth animals like bears and squirrels should be left alone. Maybe there could be the occasional (rare) species that’s mutated so wildly from blob exposure that they don’t look like bears or squirrels or anything any more.

Sounds like Artifact reskinned as hostiles…and probably be as !FUN! as artifacts if done…pick(right,wrong) (you cant win here here thinks…)

like the overall idea however

I’d be fine with the system I outlined, it would need source modifications, the mod system isn’t up to that kind of thing.

Thanks everyone who likes the idea! )

Kevin, I can make a list of body parts, Latinized names based on body parts, and parameters of creatures based on body parts and write it all in .json if you’ll need this kind of help. if you gonna do this of course )

Never said I was going to code it, just that I wouldn’t object if someone else did :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting idea, though I can bet this could go wrong in all the usual ways.

“The zombie bites the forgotten beast in the none!”

Kevin, okay) if only I could did it) so, looking for someone who wants make game more diverse and less predictable)

That sounds an awful lot like the dwarf fortress system to create forgotten beasts and such.

However Toady has recently expanded that to an even crazier extent, with Plump Helmet Man running around in the Caverns.

Sure, more dynamically generated stuff is always more nice. It’s also much more work, as Kevin pointed out.

But plump helmet men are just natural crazy cavern creatures. ;w;

Extremely expanded in the sense that now everything seems to be forming ‘men’. That is serious more coding, and that much more procedurally generated content. We work a lot with JSON here though

…no, most of the elementmen are older than that, and not random-genned. >_>

EDIT: For example, plump helmet men have been around since the 0.31 days.

And there also quite delicious when roasted over a open volcanic vent, possibly wile surrounded by adamantine :stuck_out_tongue: