Dual Bug Report 0.9 Ma

Hi, so I’ve got two bugs to report tonight. I’m running the Windows 0.9 Ma stable release through Wineskin on a humble Macbook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8. However, I don’t think the bugs have much to do with how I’m running the game.

So I was exploring the second level of a lab and I found minor spoilers for a weird enemy you can find in labs. I don’t know how to explain without those minor spoilers – sorry! It’s not too bad, to be honest:

Came across a couple mi-gos protected by zombie scientists behind some reinforced glass and metal doors. They were terrifying. In another blocked off sub-room there was a stairs down. I went down these stairs in full view of the mi-go trapped behind unbreakable plate glass. A couple turns after going down to the lower z-level, an aggressive mi-go suddenly appeared on the lower z-level where I was! As if it had teleported down to destroy me with horror. As soon as it appeared I ran back up the stairs, because I had insufficient armor and only a steel spear. Up on the higher level, it did NOT reappear in its prison, and also did not follow me back up the stairs… yet. The other one keeps whacking the glass and talking to me. Sinister. Kudos to the writer! (~.~)/

At first I thought they could teleport or something but then Madison told me it must be a bug. So here I am, reporting it! It must have something to do with the z-level system, such as it is. No screenshots for this one, but if the ~thing~ reappears I may take some. (I don’t want to spoil this because of the level of utter terror it inspired in me and Madi.) (THE VOICES.)

Also there was another one from a while ago – same version and everything:

While exploring the same world, on a different character, I found an area of town taken over by river. That is, the minimap showed a peaceful suburb and cathedral, but in reality, shallow and deep water covered the entire place. Nothing out of the ordinary spawned. The cathedral was in fact cut in half by the water, and that half was open – no walls, the floor just stopped at the water and continued to be cut off in a straight line across some field. An interesting world-spawn thing, I wonder how this happened?

Then of course I found some

terrifying unholy flesh things in the cathedral basement and decided to play a different character for a while. Of course the new one had to find some MORE damned terrorbeasts in the first lab she explores…

…sigh. I’ll post this on GitHub too, username Der-Uberkitten.

Happy and hopefully minimally buggy playing, all!