Dropping and Carrying Weight

Any chance it’d be possible to change your displayed carrying weight/volume when dropping items, in the same way it does when you’re picking them up? This is a big deal when trying to drop items to reduce overburden, but it involves a bit of guesswork, since the value doesn’t update until you’ve dropped the items in question.

[font=calibri]I second this suggestion, moreover because I like consistency across how I interact with my gear, but solving encumbrance issues would go faster, for sure.[/font]

Hmm… let me go see how easy that would be.

Answer: annoying due to the non-modularity of the codebase, but not too hard once I figured out how to approach it.

A simple matter to add the count of items at the destination. Just move the *veh setup above the gui block.

…what? There’s nothing related to “veh” or vehicles anywhere in inventory_ui.cpp, tuck, so I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about O_o.

My mistake… true enough, the items are transferred to the map or vehicle in game.cpp in trunk. I assumed that you broke that stuff out as i did.

VVVVV You could for instance init the vehicle and pass multidrop another parameter as is i guess. Do people other than me like to see how many items are in the square?

No idea what you’ve done in your repo, I’m just working of the DDA master repo, which has game::multidrop in inventory_ui.cpp.

…Oh! I see what you mean. We want to edit game::multidrop, though, as opposed to game::drop or game::drop_in_direction, since game::multidrop is where the UI is defined.

Anyway, got a working implementation, if you wanna check it out.

Can it just be said that this process is fascinating as hell to watch?