Advanced inventory change is nice. But there is a very annoying problem

The 'V’ehicle selection shows the vehicle inventory on the center tile. It should be show the vehicle inventory of the selected tile.
Now you can not move items between vehicle tiles.

Also, when this fixed, when there is a vehicle on the selected tile, the default selection should be the vehicle inventory as it was before this change.

Agreed, I recently came back to cataclysm, and found the new inventory manager interesting, but not being able to quickly move stuff from my shopping cart to my car sucks :frowning:

Quick fix for shopping cart - grab it and use 'd’ragged item as a source. Doesn’t help the target issue though, of course.

i saw another bug concerning this inventory management in 0.C 3001 ;

when moving from “V"ehicle and"All” to our "I"nventory duplicate item. you grab it and it’s still at the starting place.

“EDIT” when moving stuff with a volume which exceed the destination tile volume remaining, a crash occur.

Also seeing the item duplication bug with 5cad7c7(0.C 2999) removing from vehicles via advanced inventory screen. Select all has the square the item is coming from marked as VH. depositing to vehicles doesn’t duplicate items however.

Can move endless amounts of stuff from vehicle to inventory or other squares via advanced inventory.
Well now I have 5000 .50 BMGs.:smiley: