Drop all during category selection

So I do quite a bit of OCD packratting when I’m out and about and it’s killing my fingers selecting all of a category after a hard day of scavenging. I know the advanced inventory can speed up some of it but how about when in multidrop category selection mode you can tag the entire category for dropping?

Also are there plans to ease the use of cred sticks? I end up with about 20 cluttering up inventory while I hunt down an ATM to consolidate. Maybe allow for certain items such as PDAs or cell phones to pool the creds. Having the end user go to an ATM to consolidate their credit chits feels a bit 80s draconian. I thought the switch to a cashless society was to for convenience and not a shady way of shifting power behind the scenes.

I’d love to see a shortcut for “deposit all cash cards at once” so I can consolidate my cash. It’s tedious to deposit several dozen cards individually. Also, it’d be nice if there were a way for new characters to retrieve account information (or remove an eye or something for biometrics) from dead ones.

Drop all in category sounds useful, somebody get on that :wink:
A pool all funds command in the ATM menu is also reasonable.
Also we can probably join all the entries together so you just get number of sticks and the total funds.
I don’t like having random PDAs and phones able to interact directly with credt sticks, it doesn’t seem like a secure thing to do. with the above changes though, it should be moot.

I’m pretty sure in reality it IS a shady way of shifting power behind the scenes, and this would only be more the case in the cataclysm world.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:3, topic:7019”]<snip; generally agreed–KA101>

I’m pretty sure in reality it IS a shady way of shifting power behind the scenes, and this would only be more the case in the cataclysm world.[/quote]
Yeah, cash cards are money in the issuer’s pocket IRL. There’s a reason stores like to sell gift cards!

I'm pretty sure in reality it IS a shady way of shifting power behind the scenes, and this would only be more the case in the cataclysm world.
My oppinion is somewhat different, if we're speaking of Cataclysm solely - the undermanaged, wealthy US state continued on the obsolete policy of assigning heaps of tax payers' money to shady research projects instead of improving on the civilian protection mechanisms, which in my book has nothing to do with credits, ratings nor the shifts between banking and industry. For that matter, the bottom reasons for the outbreak could've occured when some overpriviledged military agency stepped out of its bounds and started blackmailing the civilian goverment "for security purposes" but only found typical political quarrels on the higher instances of country's administration...

Fair enough, but relying upon automatic tellers doesn’t seem to make much sense either. It seems reasonable that the merchants would have had their own means of transferring balances. It also seems plausible, though perhaps not suited to the cataclysm world, that private transactions, lemonade stands, garage sales, drug dealers… Would have some means of transferring currency that doesn’t involve carrying around large quantities of small-denomination cards…

Now, having said that, it would be entirely plausible that the devices used to perform such transactions possessed less internal security than the automatic tellers and therefore would be more reliant upon external communication for verification purposes. With the networks down, the remote devices might not function, but maybe a technically savvy survivor might be able to break into a bank, hook a communications device to the bank’s mainframe, and hack into it to recognise your device as a trusted appliance. Having the bank’s mainframe provide such a service may encourage survivors to refrain from attempting to steal money from the bank’s mainframe due to a risk of the mainframe shutting down and becoming useless. You would probably only be able to steal from a single account per attempt, and there would presumably be no way to completely eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure…

Also, what do I do with my empty cards? I can’t help but think that you could probably stick a dozen of them together and have enough for a unit of electronic scrap and a few plastic chunks… You know, we really need microwaves, I want to just dump all my empty cards into a microwave and see what happens…

Aren’t cards of that sort embedded with a type of SD card? Maybe that could be salvageable.