Credit Card Consolodation and NOT an advertisement!

So I’m trying to fathom the failed logic of lumping credit cards into 1 pool. Why would this make any sense other than cleaning up the inventory?

I understand having a long list of these cards can be annoying. But it really annoys the hell out of me seeing them lumped into a pile as they are treated as 1 item. That is seriously immersion breaking!

The point of using an ATM is for this function and it makes sense for realism. It makes LESS sense having them all in a pile and used at 1 time as 1 source. This needs to be a mod. Not a base default feature. The very least make it an toggle able function. Because it sucks to be forced to use this.

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Are you complaining that now you don’t have to scroll through an entire page of cash cards?

Yes. I LIKE scrolling through my stack of cards. I know exactly what to drop too. If I try to drop one it takes one off that I have no control over. I have NO idea which I have in my inventory or which to choose to trade/sell off.

That was the point of those ATMS bro! You break the purpose of this realism and annoy those of us that want to micro manage our loot.

(not you personally unless you coded this garbage)

UI changes don’t break realism. You character is very well able to treat a pile of cards as a single item. And ATMs still serve a purpose since 10+ cards will start being an annoyance, even if treated as a stack.
Maybe someone could put an options to classic non-stacking cards in the configs if they fell like it.

That’s the answer to your question, that’s a QOL change. Also as far as uses of cards go nothing has changed you can still pull all your money on one card with ATMs so that you can recycle the others for plastic.

Seeing the amount of money on a credit card by looking at it is realism ?

Maybe adding something to select one card from the stack can be done.

I’m rather impressed that even for something that simple there can still be complaints that it was better before.


Start making proposals instead of complaining (or better yet start coding yourself) - that would be way more efficient.


Yall missed my points entirely. I don’t WANT this crap is what I was pointing out. I LIKE the list. I LIKE that I require an ATM to consolidate them into 1 card. This is realistic to some degree over a pile of them used as one but are NOT 1, which makes no sense at all.

FYI, this is a forum for voicing complaints as is other comments.

As for seeing the amount, I’d support reverting and keeping that hidden. Never said it was realistic in that regard smart@$$.

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It’s a quality of life fix: instead of cluttering your inventory with a dozen cards, you have one card stack with a total value. When you want to buy something, the game automatically picks a card for you. It’s the same thing you could do, only with a bunch less keypresses.

But not as an option? Why is it difficult to understand some people like this as a feature?

I’m not griping because I like it.

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Mostly because this is an extremely small change that does almost nothing other than make a smaller list. It can hardly even be called a feature but in this case the “some people” is only you and like most things in life, the masses are more important than the few.

If this post had more people agreeing with you rather than no one I’m sure people would take it into consideration but as it seems you are the only one who is against this or has otherwise voiced it, surely you can understand why this isn’t a concern to others?

My suggestion is seriously learn to code and make a personal mod for yourself. It wouldn’t take long and learning to code isn’t going to hurt you, it’s actually really useful.


I actually like this improvement, because previously I hated scrolling all that stuff (as well as lighters, for instance).

I do understand the micromanagement part of it, when you could use 20 dollar card for vending machine to get drinks. But honestly, this is rather masochistic.

Regarding option - having it as a mod would help, I think. But the amplitude of discussion is not even remotely close to let’s say “filthy clothes battle”. It’s the smallest thing and still nice qol change.

Personally I think it should be a option.
But i don’t really give a crap, i don’t use the games money i use
<3 ~~~ kawaiimaid ~~~ <3
So i think it’s less ppl not agreeing and more a
“Meh i don’t give a fuck” sort of thing.

The problem with “it should be an option” is that it makes no sense in this case. This is the tiniest and minute change, if this had a toggle then people would start arguing for every single addition to have an option to toggle it on and off and that would just get ridiculous really fast.

I do also disagree with the people not caring, as I said I think it’s kinda ridiculous to think it should be an option or to be against it.

last I checked, you actually do still need, in theory, to consolidate them, as it’ll just load up the card with the largest sum or something like that when you use a vending machine.

I like to consider it like money in a wallet. I’d rather know that I have a 100 bucks, then that I have one fifty bill, two twenty bills and ten one dollar coins. The latter knowledge might come up when I pay for something, but before that it’s a sum that matters. This analogy works perfect with CDDA credit cards that are electronic money wallets.

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As always, there is a relevant xkcd.


Glad everyone likes the change. Now if you don’t mind. Stop talking as if you like it should make me give a $h!*. Edit: In hindsight. Yeah, it is fine to have an opinion. I read the opinions, however, as rather rude when it was intended as a squelch “I like something, so you have to or deal with it”. Which explains my irritated retort.

Reason it SHOULD be a toggle option:

1)Cash cards shouldn’t have the value in them as this makes no sense.
2)To gather cards and not know the value, should make the user find an ATM in order to consolidate them into however many the user wants. By keeping the list to 1 pile, assumes the feature that should exist, will never exist. Edit: forgot to mention it would show the value at the ATM…making more sense. Maybe require a HackPro device to do this to “unlock” the card in order to use at the ATMs? Would be cool.
3)I cannot sort my items. This really p!sses me off! I know most don’t care. But not being able to see what I have in my inventory that I want to keep/trade. Is worse than having a long list to scroll. That plus the fact it uses all the cards as if already made into one; see #2

It is a larger part of my game that was disrupted. People collect different items in game for different purposes. I like to collect the high denominations and trade them to NPCs. It really helps my character early on for many items. Plus I use vending machines and ammo machines. I like to keep specific cards for this purpose also.

PS- Posting complaints. Bugs. Feature requests and other topics is suppose to be here as well. So Thanks for links. But I’m already here, talking about it. Not on those other sites.

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