Drinks with negative mass. (build 0.B-2587)

Tried to make some herbal tea. Mass of bottle went below zero when filled. Same thing happened when I tried to mix some powdered milk. No charges are shown on containers either in both cases.

Herbal tea has hydrogen. Hydrogen is the lightest element. Your argument is invalid :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah fix this pls

Can confirm the issue with latest experimental (2590).
Tried boiling water into a plastic bottle but it never gathered any charges beyond 1 (though the amount isn’t shown, either). Any attempts to increase the charges results in a puddle of clean water on the floor with a (-1) next to it.

Probable variable issue in item coding–this sort of thing is why we try not to do overhauls if we can avoid 'em. Fix is up and will be tested shortly.