Super-dense nicotine liquid lol wat

Dunno what’s going on, but I’m almost positive a 0.25L bottle of nic liquid isn’t supposed to weigh 55 lbs. Just updated to 8098.

It’s the holy grail of nicotine liquid!

Could you take it and look how many charges are in that bottle? Usually, this thing should have around…apparently 50 charges, if I read the Item browser correctly.

I really hate your name. Really hate it. Like, either you’re racist, or your parents really hated you.

That aside, there is SOME awareness that many items have the incorrect density, leading to some wonky weights/volumes. However, this is far and away the worst (meaning most ridiculous) example I’ve seen.

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o_o I’m generally not that offended.

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If I’m honest, it probably bothers me because it makes me think of garbage people on Reddit. That’s mainly why I frequent this forum instead of the one on Reddit. On account of all the classy folks here.

But yeah. No, I get what you’re saying.

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12500 charges. Says it in the screencap, omae.

Didn’t saw. 12500 Charges are definitely not supposed to be in that small bottle…

The easiest way to tell the coders is to open an Issue on github for this, here:

They usually want one to upload their save, so you might wanna do that, but I don’t think it’s necessary. They might have simply borked something while going from Liters to ml or so, since 50 charges x 250ml equals exactly 12500.