Infinite hydrogen bug

yesterdays version.
steps to reproduce:

  1. Fill a vehicle’s hydrogen tank (30 hydrogen required)
  2. Remove the tank from the vehicle. Now the tank has 3000 units of hydrogen
  3. Find a way to lift the tank as it weights 500kg+. Mine involves using hydraulic muscles.
  4. Unload the tank: hydrogen drops to the ground in canisters worth 3000 units
  5. profit…

Posted it a long time ago:
which leads to

The reason of this bug is pretty simple, though. I don’t think I need to explain it to you.

Sure, i knew the reason but i must have missed the older bug report and conversation.

Even if its correct that 1 cell of hydrogen (in backpack) contains many units of hydrogen (when expanded in a tank), one should not be able to unload that tank, because to pressurize the hydrogen even more in order for it to shrink in volume from 225 to 25 would need industrial++ machinery. (or a way to handle temperatures of 20 Kelvin for it to be liquid)

But assuming we don’t fix that and stay able to load&unload hydrogen tanks at will, the numberings should be corrected:
e.g. either having the hydrogen gotten by unloading a tank to scale down, or scale up amount of hydrogen encountered outside tanks, hydrogen used to fill a tank, and hydrogen used in recipes. (without scaling H2 volume and weight of course - still inside cells)

I seem to recall merging a fix for this; unfortunately you can unload the tank back into hydrogen, but it recompresses.

Not perfect but cured the problem.