Bottle in bath (hydrogen perox) - bug report

I once reported it, but now there’s more info about it.
Sometimes in bath I can find bottle with drug. When I try to pick it, I get error report. Before I thought that it just disappear, but now I see that it just move to title next to itself. When it move away from bath, then I can normally take it.

Edit: Now I see… Possibly this bug include bottles and gallon jugs generated in baths and bathtubs.

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i have it too. pressing examine moves it to the side till the items falls off. also, when there is a drawer, and zeds gets pushed there and died. if you grab the drawer and move it. the move cost will become 90000+, making you stand there forever while zeds are eating you. fire durations becomes -252153541 even with fuel or firemark source.

I have also encountered the elusive objects in the tub. It started around the time that tubs were made to contain liquid. That may just be me connecting dots that aren’t there, but that’s what it seems like to me.

Same bug precisely for me too.

This is only for liquid in bottles not pills in bottles, right? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any bottles in tubs recently (build 9621 to 9661). Maybe they changed the map generation / item spawn code so that bottles aren’t found there now?

Are you guys looking in newly generated areas, and what build are you using?

In my newest game, I didn’t find any of them in baths. So you are probably right.