Draw your Cataclysms III

This is a continuation of the Draw your cataclysm series. Post cataclysm art here.
Its sideways because I took the image with my laptop.

My Character, Gary Martin the drone operator that knew this day would come. I didn’t have a black so purple was used. I cannot currently list inventory items, Bionics, or mutations.


Active bionics (That I can recall):Joint Servos | solar panels| wind turbines | optical dampeners | enhanced hearing | enhanced memory banks | Flashbang Generator | finger laser | uncanny dodge | implanted night vision | remote controller
Inactive Bionics (that I can recall): wired reflexes | alloy head plating | targeting system


A close-up of my dude’s mask, hood, and light EOD jacket.
Gained by robbing multiple police stations and now it’s lined with leather.

My dude’s DMR.