Draw Your Cataclysms II


Quick work sketch. Slow day. Also…I hate drawing hands.


Nice, I’m typically pretty good at hands for the most part, with the exception of uncommon/unfimilar/odd positions with them. The usual stuff like a fist, open palm, etc. aren’t too bad for me. I now have trouble drawing the classic ‘missing a finger’ thing 99% of kids do.
I don’t know how common it is, but I’ve discovered that the better I get at drawing, the harder it is to purposefully do bad.


My big problem at first was that I wanted every single thing I drew to be perfect. Now I just do doodles for practice. It’s helped a lot.


I feel like perfectionism might be the bane of many an artist. I’ve made a drawing worse before just trying to fix a minor detail. :expressionless:


I can only draw stick figures,blockuy stuff and low quality T-pose people


Massive ego is the down stroke of the engine that drives your artistic improvement. Massive self-criticism is the up stroke. Put the two together and all you need is repetitions and someone to point you in the right direction. Chugga chugga. :smiley:


Action practice with new lab escapee. Might do this one up properly later.


Bicycle and bow. One of the most realistic post-apoc setups in my opinion. Love the picture >.>b


thats how drive-bys went in the 1800s


or drive-bys in the 10000 BC…


nah they just ran while throwing rocks


my first pic
pls no bulli


$hit, that is awesome man! Made me laugh hard! :sweat_smile:


sling is good
you can bulli me now


Boom. I needed that chuckle. Thanks dude!


you gotta keep them coming. You’re picking exactly perfect Cata moments we all love :slight_smile:

also love the Dwarf Fortressish style of those situations.


WB Java :slight_smile: Proud of your bravery in posting those pics :slight_smile: keep em coming ^.^


Some dumb little sketch I drew, RIP Katherine and her deathmobile adventures.


knawledg > eetin


Came back to this one with some color.