Dragoduval Mod's

Hi, i made a few mod’s and i thought, why not share it with everyone. They are still being worked on, and ill change them whit time, but i hope that you will like them :D.

====== Dragoduval Location Mod
Link : Mega
So this mod add some new starting location and some new scenario.

We have my main one who include all of the start location from the other’s scenario, and some new one.

There is also a Martial scenario, limited to martial artist (blackbelt x3 & boxer) and that start in the Dojo or the boxing gym.

New Location added
  • Zoo
  • Warehouse
  • veterinarian clinic
  • thrift
  • teashop
  • stripclub
  • radio station
  • small storage units
  • dojo
  • boxing gym
  • bank
New Scenario
  • All start
  • Martial Artist
To do next
  • Add more location from the new scenario’s
  • Add new location from the mapgen

====== Dragoduval Bionic Mod
Link : Mega

So this mod remove the bionic limit on each bodypart.

Well technically it only remove the slots from the bionic file’s so any bionic added through other mod might still have some limit’s, and it could be incompatible with mods that change the bionics.json file.

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