Double battery capacity of Water Purifiers?

Could we do this?

The biggest containers hold 200 water (the aluminium kegs, iirc) and it would be nice to be able to purify that all at once.

Might be a good crafting recipe?

“Extended Battery X”: Doubles the battery capacity of X device. Requires scrap metal, copper wire, duct tape, and hammer&soldering iron/Integrated Toolset.

Ooh, I like that idea, KA101. Especially since I still want to give Electronics a bit more love :).

I’ll have to look into post-creation item modding at some point…

Reason I thought it up was that IIRC any given item can be used in a crafting recipe. Water Purifier + (say) 25 Copper Wire + 8 Chunk of Metal, 16 Soldering/8 IT = XB Water Purifier?

I’d guess that implementing it would be working out the proportion of components needed for various capacities, then it would be probably just copy/paste & scale checks. Making one “Battery Bracket” mod would be easier on the crafting menu but would require expanding the Firearm-mod coding, and that seems like significantly more work.

There’s actually been talk about making items moddable on the fly. Hot food works that way, and fitted clothing was recently changed to work that way, too. That would be much easier than hacking the gunmod code, or making a bunch more crafting recipes.