Doomsday caches

I was thinking and thought that being able to find little catches throughout the world would be neat. Doomsday caches if you will, people all around the world prepare for doomsday situations, so it would be realistic if you found stashes of loot if you dig up dirt or in basements in houses. They would be filled with food, water, medicine, ammunition, and on extremely rare occasions guns and maybe even cbm’s. They could also very in sizes like one time you can find a barrel with stuff and other times a small pipe with some goodies. You could figure out locations for then off of sd cards USB sticks and maybe even notes and graffiti. And they could mark a location on the map where you would search for them. Or just by sheer chance of digging one up.


already in the game. you’ll find prepper bunkers scattered throughout, as well as boarded up buildings (filled with traps)

According to game lore, cataclysm happened very quickly so I don’t think making those caches common would follow it. As Bio said, we already have LMOE shelters, barricaded buildings, cabins and even dugout shelters in the woods.

I just found one but haven’t explored it yet, I’m assuming that’s what 'survivor’s bunker’s are. I’ve never seen one before