Piles of Rubble

So I wonder - once the building collapsed and there is a pile of rubble and “I wish I had a shovel” - if there was an NPC corpse with a loot there - once I dig the rubble up, will the loot bу there?


Ha ive never tryed this

Basicaly spawn an npc in centre of room
Collapse building
Dig where npc was standing and see.

I might test this out later when i get a chance.

NM no need for me to test already have an answer cool :slight_smile:

Make sure to clear the metal wreckages in the wilderness too.

Thats top secret >:(

Thats top secret >:([/quote]
The loot in some of those wreckages is just insane.

Surface loot: one armor plating.
Wreckage loot: 4 cbms, armor vests, guns, rocket launchers, etc.


There’s more loot under the helicopter crashes?


[quote=“Artyom177, post:8, topic:12201”]Wait…

There’s more loot under the helicopter crashes?[/quote]
Yes. Start digging up any wreckage you see. The scrap metal alone is enough to start blacksmithing.

[quote=“Artyom177, post:8, topic:12201”]Wait…

There’s more loot under the helicopter crashes?

HOW DID I NOT KNOW?![/quote]

Because it’s VERY VERY random. A very few sites have a bunch of great stuff(various rockets and missiles, miniguns, CBMs, including some REALLY rare ones), many sites have at least a few things (military clothing, possibly a few guns with no magazines, MBRs, helmets), and many sites have nothing but scrap and wire (or nothing USEFUL besides scrap and wire, anyway).

There always is a military black box. Other stuff is random.

Yeah, that’s true - and you never need more than one (assuming you take it with you - it’s never “used up”), so that’s a LOT of extra black boxes…

I’ve always wanted to make an option where, if you decrypted a black box, you’d get directions to whatever anomalies were around the crash site you got the box from.

Alas, I lack the coding ability.

So basically S.T.A.L.K.E.R?

I guess, maybe Vodka will cure radiation?

That should totally be a feature.

I guess, maybe Vodka will cure radiation?[/quote]

Enough vodka will cure caring about radiation.

Being Russian I suggest makeing vodka cure everything! At all.

Digging wreckage has a cost though it seems. It increments your hunger and thirst by 10 points each time you clear a tile of wreckage. Not a problem if you have tons of food and drink, but it will prevent an early game survivor from doing it, unless they want to die of overexertion.

Still you can do this to eat more of something specifically to cure a nutritional related ailment since food itself doesn’t cause hypervitaminoses.

Oh shit I have refugee shelter fully burned with tons of good loot and swarms of zombies buried within along with guards. And just got lucky to find entrenching tool. Dont have nearly as ton of food though :frowning: