Forgot how dog taming works

Hey there, it’s been a while since I played and I recall you could tame a dog and equip said dog with a bags to store stuff in. Is that feature still around? And if yes, can dogs be equipped with Kevlar dog harness? And what happens if I want to use pet container or animal containing vehicle part, will it go inside with all bags|items|armor on?

Just press the action button “a” (usually) and use a dog food on the dog… I haven’t gotten too far off of that, but I think the vests should be able to place on them, but not too sure about pet container stuff…

Okay, so I tamed the German shepherd and now I can attach bag to it, but still cannot seem to put Kevlar Harness on. That is not possible yet? Can anybody confirm?

No. The Kevlar dog harness cannot be equipped on dogs, in fact currently its only good for getting more Kevlar plates.

Extraordinarily disappointing that you can’t put Kevlar Dog Harness’ on your pet dogs. Dragged one on me for three nights in a city just to get it home and not be able to put it on the little pupper.

Agree, that’s a shame.

You can take dogs ? Wow

Yes, you need to find dog food then approach the dog you want to tame, then 'a’ctivate the dog food by standing next to a dog and choose dog’s direction. It will become friendly and let you pat it.
It’s also good to have dog whistle on you. Using it will toggle dog’s behaviour between docile and aggressive to all enemies.
And also makes sense to have nice backpack at hand, like military rucksack to attach it to your dog. You will be able to store stuff in it.

Overall I’m surprised how many actions and options you have related to your pet doggy, even animal compartment in vehicle or pet carrier to carry your dog around. But Kevlar Harness still cannot be applied. That makes my lice-carrier sad…

I use a mod called Drago’s more dog mod that add the option not only to train dogs but also to attach the Kevlar harness to them via the crafting menu

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Didn’t know about that mod, it’s not the part of CDDA Launcher. :frowning:

I downloaded the version from Sseththzeentach video about CDDA

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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but has something changed on dog food? I activated it adjacent to a dog and … I ate the dog food!

Did you press (E) instead of (a)

E is consume, a is activate.

I tried first the general ‘a’ and the food was not listed, so I went to the item and I’m 95% sure I pressed activate, not eat.

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The dog food must be (u)nloaded from the tin can before you can activate it


Speaking of which, are rottweilers really untameable?

Tamed a puppy with a can of dog food (named the scamp Rotter, felt fitting). Adults tend to be a lot harder from what I understand.

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Haven’t seen a pup rottweilers yet. But thank you!

Was in a pound when I found him. Don’t know of any other places that would spawn puppies.