Dogs and cars

Anything I can do to stop them from dying when they’re riding with me in the car? Also why am I randomly teleporting.

Yay I got another random mutation without being around radiation! Seriously though what is causing this weirdness?

Teleglow. Can be caused by a fair few things, most commonly a flaming eye staring at you.

I did drove by a few portals in a hippie van, that slow thing can only go 9 mph or your engine will get damaged. Anyways is there anything I can do about the dogs dying in cars?

Nah, dogs can’t sit in seats, sadly, so they get destroyed when they’re in a moving car.

Try putting in a suggestion on the proper board suggesting a fix to this. I, too, would love to be able have a pet follow more around after I’ve found a vehicle.

I got my friendly chicken walker into the car, but it just bashed up my car and then exploded. :frowning:

… and NOFX - Cops and Donuts ! :slight_smile:

When I was on the freeway, doing 70 all drunk,
He came up to my window, and shouted to get out,
He came up to my car, I thought up a little trick,
A copper pulled me over, and I thought that I was sunk,
I took a donut, jelly filled, and put it on a stick,
So I threw it out the window and he ate it off the flooooooor…