Does wind/humidity/etc even do anything?

I’ve been looking through the weather settings and i’m noticing there’s stuff like wind and humidity, however I don’t think i’ve ever been affected by any of these things. Do they actually do anything?
And what does the acid do if it were ever implemented?

Wind determines the power you get from wind turbines.

Humidity can be used as an indication for rain.

Both of these affect your body temperature.

Acid causes acidic rain (or it used to do, not sure that’s still a thing). During acidic rain you are (were) able collect weak acid using funnels.
Not sure if it was just my imagination, but you might also take damage during acidic rain on unprotected bodyparts.

last time I checked out acid rain in debug it seemed to only cause pain.
But does it affecting your body temperature mean high wind makes you cold and high humidity makes you feel hotter/colder?

I believe there’s a chill factor calculation in the game. For example, I’ve had my character get cold from using an MC when not wearing armor (because that will rapidly result in overheating later in the day). I don’t know to what extent humidity is factored into that calculation, though.

humidity should also affect CBM: Aero-Evaporator - “… It may fail in very dry environments.”

Wind definitely effects your temperature.
During colder weather you can go into a field, check your temperature, then go behind a large boulder (so that it shields you from the wind) and check your temperature again. The difference will be pretty noticeable.

Yes, at least that’s what I get from looking at the code.
The function get_local_windchill(temperature, humidity, windspeed) in weather.cpp uses these values to calculate the windchill, which is then (along with modifiers from clothing) applied to all bodyparts in character_body.cpp to set the body temperature.