It's raining acid!

Well, since day 2 it’s Acidic Drizzle outside for 10days now. Weather does not want to change. Even using debug menu to change weather works just for 1 turn and it’s Acidic Drizzle again. I’m using latest experimental.

You have enraged the Gods.

If you share a copy of the save, the users here will be able to help a lot easier.

Bad luck, that’s most likely what it is.

And yeah, the weather debug menu change only changes it for 1 turn, and it doesn’t actually change the weather patterns (so if you make it snow in the middle of summer it doesn’t cause all sorts of weather weirdness).

Please provide a copy of the save; I changed the way the game stores weather and would like to make sure this isn’t related.

Here is whole save folder because I don’t know which file you need exactly.

Here what I’ve noticed:

Weather changes only when I exit game and load it again.
Before it was acid drizzle now its clear all the time.
Before saving it was Clear and 7 Celsius degree.
After loading it again it was Clear but 8 Celsius degree.

Saving and loading changes weather to correct one.