Does ROOTS1-3 do anything beside make you uglier?

I can’t find any reference to ROOTS1, ROOTS2, or ROOTS3, outside of mutations.json.
The descriptions seem to indicate an in game effect, but I can’t figure out where that is in the code.

I dont think it does, but they are requirements for later developments. Gotta admit that completely reorienting yourself to a different kingdom is hard

also made me think of this, inverse example of a plant.

Lets you regenerate hunger and thirst when barefoot on dirt.

A bug maybe?, I just can’t find it in the code.

I’m working on a bird mutation and I thought that bit of code would be good to look at. Since picking at the ground when idle would work amost the same way. Albeit only for food and in much lower amounts.

player.cpp, lines 7842, 9753, 11530, and 11576.

Thank you very much!