Modding mutations

So, I had an idea about mutations, and before I dug in too deep, I wanted to ask/verify a few things:

-Mutations seem to be mostly hard-coded at this point, is that correct? A few things are in the json, but most of it must be in the code… so adding new mutations, except for a few basics (stat modification, wet protection,ugliness, more?) seems impossible. Any way to clone an existing mutation under a different ID so it can have different requirements, etc, for a different category?

-Mutation categories: anything in the category can be chosen (unless it’s post-threshold and you don’t have it yet) with equal chance, right? Also, if you put a second or third tier mutation (say, the +2 strength one, for instance), it can gt the pre-req also, right? What happens if you put in the pre-req AND the main one (say, the +1 str AND the +2 str) - does that make it more likely to get the +1 str one (effectively, it would have double the chance to be chosen)?

-Threshold: does every category have to have a threshold? Is it possible to make something that’s “post-threshold” for one category NOT be post-threshold for another category? (looks like no)

-mutagen/recipe/book/etc - Add the mutagen item, add the recipe that makes the item, create the book that holds the recipe, add the book to an item group so it can be found. Am I missing something there?

I doubt that’s exhaustive, but it’s a place to start.

  1. Mutations are totally hard coded… It sucks and if they weren’t I would make a Mutation mod just like my Gun mod.

  2. If someone mutates twice, getting strong and then very strong, very strong will cancel out strong. (I think thats what your trying to say… I’m tired so sorry if I got that wrong).

  3. Every category does have a threshold, and no its impossible to make something post thresh not post for another one.

  4. Yes. Unless you want your mutagen item to be super rare and un-craftable then yes. That’s how you do it

  1. I’m almost certain you can currently handle both the wet effects of mutations as well as the pure stat effects in the JSON. Also you can make mutations that make you resist a given effect, such as poison (though it currently only supports one mutation at a time that way, for example you can’t have a second POISRESIST mutation let you resist poison… yet). Beyond that they are hardcoded yeah, though we’re slowly working on getting a few more things over into the JSONS for you to mod without editing the code itself.

  2. Not 100% sure what you are asking here, but I believe that what you are saying is true, yeah.

  3. As Artyom notes, every category does have a threshold (though having any mutations in it is not required), and no, it’s not possible to have something post-thresh in one category and non-post in another.

OK, thanks for the replies. Looking at the json, that’s how it appeared, but I code for a living, and work has been stressful lately, so I’m just not up for code diving in my scarce spare time at the moment…

I’m making “functional group” mutation types - ones for each stat. Dex/speed (all the dex mutations, all the speed mutations), str/body (strength mutations, size mutations, maybe a couple of others), int/learning, and perception/sensory (vision and hearing mutations).

I haven’t settled on the recipes yet, but they’ll be advanced/rare/expensive like alpha/elfa. I figure by the time you can make them, it would make sense to allow a little more pick and choose.