Does Lizard Style actually DO anything at present?

Unlike the other martial arts styles, Lizard Style doesn’t seem to list any bonuses or conditions, even when standing next to a wall. Some limited experimentation hasn’t shown any conclusive performance improvements either. Is it presently functional at all?

I’ve always been wondering about it, have you pressed “_” to choose the martial art, then press “F1” to check out it’s moves/bonuses, it could only activate when doing special things…

Quick five minute code dive shows there used to be a comment, until it was removed in 2015 by commit 08f2e2f:
//lizard is not implented

So yeah, it was one of those martial arts things that was unfinished when the original coder of that stuff wandered off into the night, leaving our present half-built system where you read a book for ten minutes and go all Neo with the “I KNOW KUNG FU.”
Its book should probably be removed from the spawn lists.

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