Martial arts json questions

I was looking through the martial arts json, and I saw that there were things like onhit, onmove, and ondodge buffs. Is there an option to add a buff that appears when you block an attack? I don’t think it is clumped in with ondodge because niten distinguishes between the two in its mechanics.

For things like stun_dur and down_dur, do they expire based on world turns, or the target’s turns?

Also, why is lizard style so empty? Did someone try to revise it but got bored halfway through, or did something change about the game itself that made lizard style act weird?

100 tile knockback stinger kick is funny. I wish it could use negative values, though. You could simulate overhead throws, though I guess increasing the knockback spread works it sometimes, though it sometimes teleports your target on top of you. How does the knockback spread value work anyway? I think it could be useful in simulating strong horizontal impacts, like a zweihander cleave or a roundhouse kick.