Does CDDA have backups stored anywhere?

I recently ran afoul of an issue where my Deathmobile, and everything in it, completely disappeared after my game crashed mid-save. As such, I am in desperate need of a way to access either the file where my Vehicles are stored (CDDA Helper is no help here) or revert to a previous save. Is my situation hopeless, or is my story not done here?

DDA does not manage any save backups for you.

If your vehicle is saved, it will be in a file in the saves/yourgameworld/maps directory. I recommend searching that directory for the name of your vehicle if you know it. If you don’t, you can still search for the string “vehicles” to find all the discovered vehicles. You can also search for the id of rare items that you know are in your deathmobile, or names of named items if there are any.

Note items on your character will not help since the vehicle and the player are saved separately.

If it’s a deathmobile it will likely have a huuuuge definition, so you might just want to find the biggest file in there and check for it.

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Ah. Thanks Kev (this is the third or fourth time you’ve helped me out). Well, if I can’t find it, I discovered I do have a “Previous Version” saved just before the Spring of that year, so if worst comes to worst, I’ll simply revert to that. Thanks again.

Psyxypher, If you’re running on windows I’d recommend downloading Remyroy’s CDDA launcher. It has the option of backing up your save file whenever you launch the game, gives you patch notes and automatic updates, and generally makes things a lot easier.

Way ahead of you. Just found out about the Backup feature. I also believe its how I found the current backup I’m using.