Save crashed, help needed

I may be a total noob, but I need some help. I’m playing CDDA on Mac (curses, not tiles), game version 0.C-36052-g5a77965 (at least that’s what it says on the title screen)

At one point when saving the game crashed, and when I try to reload I get the following error report:

DEBUG: Bad save json
E0F: tried to start object, but found ’ ', not ‘{’

FUNCTION: void game::unserialize(std::istream &)
FILE: src/savegame.cpp
LINE: 236

if I press SPACE to continue to game, the following error report shows, then the game crashes:

DEBUG: Tried to set NULL submap pointer at index 120

FUNCTION: void map::setsubmap(const size_t, submap *const)
FILE: src/map.cpp
LINE: 7599

You saved game is corrupted (possibly beyond restore). The best you can do is probably transferring your character with their inventory to new world.

Ok, thanks!
Any ideas why this happened? I’ve played for something like 25-30 game days, saved and loaded million times, haven’t been messing with save files…

I have the same problem, how i can transfer my character?

I managed to mess that up, so let me tell you how NOT to do it, and also how to do it:

  1. Find the save file. Can be a bit tricky on Mac since the user/library-folder, at least on my computer, was hidden. Google how to show hidden folders in OSX.

  2. Don’t open the save file before making a back-up! If you open it up with the default text management program on Mac (again; at least in my case), you ruin it. Check the CDDA wiki page, a few usable editors are listed there. You don’t need to open the save file at all to transfer it, really. The save file is the one ending with .sav

  3. Create a new world, exit the game and put the .sav file in the folder for that world. Now you should see that you can choose your transfered character in the new world. You’ll start in a random location (I think, I started in the middle of a forest when I tried it. Perhaps you’ll end up in a locked bank vault or next to a Shocker Brute, who knows?).

I hope this helps!

Thanks! Looks easy. I save the entire world by changing the game version to the last one, you can try it if you want