Does anybody use the Necromancy mod?

I haven’t ever actually found the book(lol), but I do enable the Necromancy mod every run(saved it to my default mods list).

What’s it actually do? You can create zombie slaves without that mod loaded, and I always thought that was what it did.

Never used it myself, but the way I understand it, Necromancy adds books and recipes for craftables that can be activated to implant them into non-pulped zed corpses, and possibly even other corpses to revive them as friendlies.

The craftables require somewhat high-skill, and a fair amount of resources, plus a book, to create, and have a chance of backfiring and keeping the revived entities hostile. I’m not sure whether the revival occurs instantaneously, or if you have to wait for it to occur naturally, but I’m willing to bet the former, since you can probably use it on things that don’t normally revive.

I’ve never bothered with it since it requires time and resources to prepare, and only has a chance of making friendly that Telekinetic-Fire-Breathing-Laser-Eyes-Ultra-Murder-Hyper-Hulk that you spent two days trying to kill, and using it on a normal zed is something of a waste.

“Creating a zombie slave” in the vanilla game is just dismembering them. You chop the arms off to stop them from grabbing and punching, though they may still be able to bite. Naturally, this requires a cutting implement, and it incurs a severe morale penalty unless you’re a psychopath, so I don’t usually do it, but I’ve heard tell that you can somehow use them as a packmule, since they’ll follow you relentlessly.

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Yeah, you can make the zombie slave carry stuff, but since it’s slow, stops following you if it leaves the reality bubble, and won’t board vehicles, I never found any use for them.

I’ve actually tried to use the mod now, you make a dormant blob or zombie and release them. They can’t be recaptured, even with a pet carrier. A blob and a regular zombie. Not really helpful.
Sadly, you cannot use the revival serum on dead bodies, only as an ingredient in the dormant zombie recipe.

If you want horrific beasties for pets, I suggest getting the Arcana mod.

I used zlaves way back as packmules when I didn’t or couldn’t bother with fixing up a car. They’re pretty mobile, I just wish I could tie a rope to them or something so they would follow me a bit closer and more predictably.

If i recall correctly you just dropped a bag and items on their corpse and they would equip it automatically and follow you once they had risen.

So from this thread I gather that labs are where the Necromancy book can be found, but am curious if there is anywhere else it could be found? Also, does the mod add multiple books, or is it just a single book that you can learn/get recipes from? I’m kind of disappointed I’ve not ever actually found the book.

Does activating the “no religious texts” have any affect on whether it can spawn or not, as I used to activate that but thought maybe I hadn’t found it because I had that enabled on some of my earlier runs.

Hope that’s not too many questions lol.

There appears to only be one book in the necronimicron.json: Principles of Postmortem Mind Control. I’ve never seen it myself, but I only used the Necromancy mod once, and never used the stuff in it. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say they could spawn in Mansions as well, and possibly even in Regional Schools, but I don’t see anything in the mod to indicate spawn locations. Maybe you could try debug spawning a bunch of each location to see if one shows up.

The No Religious Texts mod looks like it blacklists specific books, rather than looking for a tag labeling a book as religious, though, so there’s no reason that it should blacklist the Necromancy book.

What’s a Nug, by the way? The only ones I can think of immediately are the rodent creatures from Dragon Age.

Nug is short for Nugget. I enjoy nuggets, do you enjoy mentos?haha :wink: Or it’s Gun backwards.
TBH I’ve just used the name for years and haven’t changed it. I originally started using the name of this song or but as I got older I just shortened it to NuG, as it’s a bit more acceptable(a game or two made me change my name from nughuffer to something else). I went to a bunch of their shows in my teens and early twenties(at least 100 shows, but l started to lose count). I also have a YouTube called Nug’s Nuggets of Gameplay, but I don’t upload regularly or anything at this point in time, though it is something I would like to do more of. I mainly just use it for small “Nuggets” of gameplay, like bug reports and whatnot, as of now.
edit: I changed the song to a version that actually plays the whole song(skip to like 3:30) and added another version just in case, and on this page is one I was actually present for(number 5)

Thanks for looking in the json! and sorry for derailing so much

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And now I know that Disco Biscuits are a thing. The things I’ve learned on this forum.

My story’s not dissimilar to yours, minus basing it on a song. I chose the name when I was twelve, specifically because neither the word nor the number have any significance, so nothing can be gleaned from it, and I’ve never really run into circumstances where I’ve needed to change it. I’m not really partial to mentos myself, but I don’t dislike them to the point that I wouldn’t eat them if someone were holding me at gunpoint.


Nope. The book is supposed to be written by a modern mad scientist, so it isn’t affected by no religious texts.

The mod basically uses the manhack code to create a friendly zombie capable of attacking enemies (and you, if a skill check failed) but incapable of carrying stuff. The friendly zombie minion is made by combining tainted meat, tainted bones, revival serum, and a lesser blob minion in the crafting menu. I agree with the idea that it should spawn a friendly jabberwock instead.

The way I see it, the recipe for a jabberwock can either base it’s ingredient list off of weight, or it can be equal or greater than the butcher drops for a jabberwock x2.

Looking back at acidia’s post describing their jabberwock lore On The Jabberwock, it might be a good idea to allow the player to loot a corpse-filled pit for tainted meat and bones.

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The minion recipe now spawns a jabberwock instead of a zombie. The requirements are jabberwock x2 minus the hide. Until items can be activated while on the ground the minion is really underweight.

Interesting, maybe I’ll actually find the book one day :smile: .

I never bothered with them, but apparently, there’s a way to tie them in place, somehow, and the electric ones still provide light, so somebody around here used them to light their base, so there’s that.

what does the Arcana mod do? I’ve never used it…

Adds magic. You can create magical scrolls and various other implements, there are also some custom scenarios and professions.

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What hobophobe said and more: . BTW, Aggregate isn’t here anymore due to an argument on GitHub about the National Guard camp’s difficulty.

It adds a skill (Arcana) which is used on certain recipes (which it adds, via books, which it adds) to create interesting stuff, all powered by “essence” (and lesser variations), which it adds as a drop to certain creatures. Also, it adds a few new “boss” type monsters in, each with their own location. Oh, and a very few lesser monsters, too.

Personally, I love it and always play with it. Many of the items use artifact functions (limited by how much essence you can get to charge them, so not TOO crazy), so they can be pretty nifty, and the bosses are definitely fun.

Honestly, I miss the arcana mod. It was a real blast clearing out temples to get these awesome and unique items.

It’s integral to the Ascension mod, which is pretty wonderful itself. Check it out if you haven’t;