Does anybody like the PPSh?

I have recently added more types of 7.62x25 cartridge and added magazines to the PPSh, and I was wondering what people thought of the changes.

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Papasha (Father) - Good gun. really. (but not good as AK’s - in tests on the persistence of his AK beat)

and - to big pity - i not find him itself. i found many PPSH-drums but - not this SMG :frowning:
and what is strange - each PPSH have its own drums. one ppsh with 2 drums.
technology level not allow make universal drums - drum from one PPSH may not fit to other PPSH.

The PPSh is a rare gun in Cata.

The PPSh can be found in gunsmith’s shops and mansions, among other out-of-the-way places.