Do you know if you can run hybrid cars?

I want to install a large electric engine in my Flatbed Truck/Zombie crusher vehicle but don’t really know if it works and what will happen if I’ve actually installed the other engine: Will they just run both, will the gas engine just produce power whilst the electric motor runs the vehicle (like in actual hybrid cars) or what?

Thx in advance,


Honestly I’ve not mucked around with sticking multiple engines in a car, but the way I see it it’ll just be a flat boost to your power, so yeah it’ll just run both.
Of course, you’ll need solar panels and a storage battery as well.

It’ll just run both at the same time.

With the exception of one being out of fuel, then your power will drop.

Ok, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Ooh, this works? Hybrid car, coming right up.

Is there a way to shut off engines you dont want to use? Ive been wanting to make a solar car that has a smaller gas motor in case I need to drive at night, but I dont want the gas motor running during the day.

No, but that’s a pretty reasonable thing to add.

Hmm. No way to even disconnect the engine? Oh well. I might as well just put the tiny engine in the trunk and attach it if I need it.
It does seem like something that should be in the game. Maybe as a part that you put on engines.
A killswitch, maybe? So when you go into the ^ menu, you can kill or start various engines that have the switch installed.

Yeah, that was in general what I was thinking of…