Multi-FUEL Home-On-The-Wheels

Good time of day!

I took it into my head to build a house on wheels “but not simple, and - gold.” unless specifically - I want to on the bus had three motor - petrol diesel and electric. this in order not to think whether there is a gas station in the column gasoline or diesel - and just take all available fill all tanks that can be poured. with an electric motor is simple - on the roof pasted more solar panels and when the sun is - the battery charged. so I put more batteries. ideologically all worked out. but it remains an organizational point - how it all will work together? how this can be managed? gasoline and diesel - they will be together in the factory or the control panel, the car will be any switch?
may I run a ONLY gasoline or ONLY electric or ONLY diesel when two other motors are OFF? in an earlier generation of games when a diesel vehicle has not been “invented” I had the bus in front he had the usual gasoline engine and the rear axle was an electric motor. but I have worked as I understood “a couple” that is, as a whole. that is consumed and the battery and gasoline.

I can try to make a 3-axle bus. electric front and middle axles 2 and 3, respectively petrol and diesel engines.

but will remain the main issue - whether “this whole farm” I switch?

somebody before I can be asked such a question?

Um, are you asking if you can switch engines on and off? Because the latest experimental all the way back to 0.C Stable has that ability. And as far as I know you don’t need to have the engines anywhere specific in the vehicle, they just have to be there.

No, he’s asking if he can have three different engines on the same car and switch between them at will (and not consuming all fuel types at once). I think there was a PR aimed at this some time back, but I’m not sure if it worked or was merged in. Also, the PR only aimed at fuel/electric split, not three way split.

Yes, if you have a diesel, gas and electric engine all installed on one car you can turn off specific engines in the vehicle controls menu and only use the fuel you have in excess.


ahemm… i assumed - THANKS!
it is what i need to know.