Which is more gas-efficient?Gasoline powered Vehicle or Hybrid Vehicle?

Hi,Every one.I’am a newbee,here’s my question,wish your help:

I’ve bulit a vehicle with 2 engines, 1 combustion engine(Inline-4 for example) used only for recharging the battery with a truck alternator,1 electric motor used to power the vehicle.
According to the latest experimental edition:
a truck alternator produce 1320 units of electricity for every 6 units of power, and a electric motor produce 100 units of power for every 5000 units of electricty,
which means every 24 power supplied by combustion engine could generate 5280 electricity(with a truck alternator), these electricity could be used to produce more than 100 power(by a electric motor).
So,may I say the Hybrid Vehicle choice is more GAS-Efficient, am I right?(By a hybrid combination, Every 24 power output more than 100 power ,though it takes more time to recharge the battery)

Currently yes, a hybrid engine is more efficient, but noticeably less powerful. There is no equivalent of V12 for electric vehicles.