Which is better, electric or gasoline powered car?

First off, pretty new at this and I have never actually built a car/mobile base before.

I found a fully functional solar powered car: all extra light frame, 4 solar panels, 2 large storage bats, and Large electric motor. I built a makeshift welder and battery compartment mods and have been swapping car batteries around in this car for recharging to use various tools (electric forge etc…). The car is all repaired up, if unmodified (other then extra car bats), and I should be able to explore around more.

It occurred to me that I should be able to build/heavily modify a better car now, especially since I found a gas station a little south of my shelter. But I am unsure of which engine type to focus on. I was going to stick with electric since I had a functional one already, but I am unsure of how much bigger/heavier I could go, even if I stick another large electric motor in.

I have safe access to a bunch of regular cars though, including some military one (though I think they are diesel), but before I start working on it I figured I would ask for advice here.

I did look on the wiki, and though there are pages pointing to load vs strain, I have yet to actually find any info.


Personally I prefer hybrids. If you have the skill that is. I tend to use the electric for general use and night raids and the Diesel or Petrol engine for when I’m running low or need to save energy for one reason or another.

If I’m making a bike, I make it gasoline. If it’s an all-around vehicle or a regular modified car, I go solar. If it’s a deathmobile/truly mobile base, it pretty much needs to be hybrid, in my opinion. Just easier that way.

I never use diesel if I can avoid it. No particular reason, just don’t like diesel.

I like hybrids too! I only recently discovered how to switch particular engines off/on (from the regular old control vehicle menu), and I run my deathmobile on an enhanced electric motor for the most part, with diesel as a backup. I was initially worried about the availability of diesel, but using electric/solar as the primary fuel source has alleviated that quite a bit. (After getting a bunch of upgraded solar panels, still looking for quantums.)

My bike though is 100% gasoline. Commonplace, efficient, and speedy enough to find various cars around to siphon if need be.

I like diesel, pretty much everytime I make myself a vehicle it’s with a diesel engine/s, unless it’s a foldable one or something. Just seems easier to find powerful diesel engines and in the past they were the only engines that came pre installed in high multiples.

And to be fair I’m a total pack rat when it comes to loot. Last playthough I ended up hauling around some 14 ton or so of looted cargo. It got so bad at one point that the back up electric engine I HAD installed I ended swapping out for another tank sized diesel engine because I couldn’t reverse off road anymore with just my main engine.

In the past I used to use only electric vehicles, and by vehicle I mean deathmobile. It worked out well enough but eventually I experimented with it as a hybrid vehicle and this proved to be necessary to allow me to travel virtually non-stop without having to wait for the batteries to charge up. If you have a massive vehicle such as one that is 7 units wide by 14 wide (my current vehicle) I highly recommend you go as a hybrid. It makes you so much more versatile and having a truck alternator on your diesel/gas engine provides a large amount of energy(if I remember correctly, it charged my power banks much faster than my 20+ upgraded solar panels(while I drove). If you do decide to go fully solar you might need a solar array or two and they are fragile but they work really really well for only solar vehicles/playstyles. Fully Electric is also nice since you don’t have to worry about checking every vehicles’ fuel tanks. (currently storing diesel and gas and planning on switching out my V8 for a helicopter turbine! x) )

P.S. I think electric only vehicles were reworked recently so they might not be suitable anymore… I have yet to test this. Someone point out if I’m wrong about this for everyone’s sake x)

Just Tested it out. Electric vehicles with solar panels are definitely useful and viable!!!

electric probably. they may not be as powerful but you can’t argue with infinite power sources.

To be fair, you can craft diesel from zombies if you are willing to put the time in. I wouldn’t recommend it except in an emegency though.

Hybrid if you can manage it. Its recommended to have storage batteries cannibalized from electric vehicles so you can run your appliances comfortably, so you’re bound to get the storage for the power, especially so since you’re gonna put panels on the top anyway.

I usually run vehicles with Diesel engines just because they start out with it, and make the change if I can find a sports car with a V12 gasoline engine. Gasoline is so much easier to find, so its a no brainer.

Though you’ll be fine with just gasoline.

Hybrid all the way, for the obvious reasons above, being honest the most important reason is for the power, combustion engines are way more powerful than electric motors, so if you are going to have a deathmobile/mobile base, you are going to need the extra hump. and if you manage to find the biodiesel or lamp oil recipe, the better. and you can use that powerful alternator (the 7.5kw something)

So… hybrid

I would use solar power. Electric engines are quiet, and easily rechargeable. You also don’t need to worry about running out of fuel, and you can use the 60L tanks to store something else, say, clean water or soup.

This is my modified Atomic mini-tank, I call it the Universal Armored Combat Vehicle. I modified it because of the 3 inbuilt enhanced electric motors, and it’s not even completely covered in solar panels. I have 1 upgraded reinforced solar array and making space for another one is possible with little sacrifice, everything else - reinforced upgraded solar panels. I still never had to use my minireactor for energy use. As you can see, its weight is more than 25.4 tons with safe speed at 100km/h with 8 reinforced 60" tank treads, capable of driving for 1h straight at maximum speed. It’s also a mobile base, storing most of what I have in a cargo dimension with some logical optimization for weight out of the necessary crafting resources, most of the weight comes from the tank turrets that combined take up like 7-8 tons, not counting ammunition for it (they are overkill, I haven’t tested the speed and energy consumption without them, but I know it would be a lot better).

It’s built for maximum durability, maneuverability and offensive capabilities (I don’t use my A7 laser rifles or such weapons, makes you completely immortal), the core inside is optimized with floor trunks for increased movement speed within the vehicle for faster combat deployment, and filled with readied equipment for fast combat resupply. Oh yeah, the front is diamond plated.

If the vehicle is properly made, the only solution is electric.

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That’s quite impressive, looks a bit like my most recent mobile base but more tank and less car.
Mine isn’t optimised as much as that though, uses wheels (cos I wanted to do something different for once), no cargo dimention and I didn’t bother with loads of turrets cos even when I have them I only ever use the m2 browning. It can carry fuel for weeks though and I’ve never run low the entire playthrough.
I think the weight is about 5 - 5.5ish ton when unloaded, it’s a lot quicker and got better acceleration like that.
On the other hand it’s the main source of power for my character to recharge herself, that eats power like crazy and I’m less inclined to use electricity for that reason, even the back up electric engine. You can see it’s down 10% on power, that’s because I recharged my survivors bionic power recently.


From my experience, you should have 2 cars. 1 uses gasoline, 1 uses electric.
Electric car is for short trips.
Gasoline car is for long trips. JUst bring a steel jerry can of gasoline along.

Dude, that’s a beautiful design, the two V12 and the enhanced motor is a really nice touch, but the amount of diesel tanks made me smile. 19.8 tons at 256km/h at safe speed, now that is impressive. I am always struggling with the idea of making mine larger, because there are such possibilities to add with the increased space, but so far, the mobility and maneuverability always takes priority for me. I used wheels so far each game, but concluded that going really fast after a certain point doesn’t affect the intended functionality and purpose of the vehicle, like I think going faster than 180km/h is not that useful due to the distances needed to be traveled and of the increased difficulty avoiding obstacles while driving at such speeds. Never have to worry about damaging my wheels. Many turrets are redundant, I sympathize with your opinion on that.

Your character really does seem to have an insane appetite for power. Where do you get those nice large storage batteries, how are they obtainable?

I decided to drop the two main tank turrets and the ammunition, the 30mm chain gun does exactly the same thing to enemies and walls with more easily available ammunition that weights significantly less, you shoot anything and it gets even pulped for you, and make nice holes in walls. The weight dropped from 25.4tons to 16.6, 8.8 ton difference, holy shit. Rolling drag dropped by 1/3, speed increased from 100 to 129km/h, energy consumption dropped by approximately 25%. I am definitely going to stick with this.

Considering that I have even driven through mine fields and haven’t lost a single tank tread, maybe I can use a bit less of them. Need to check on that.

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I got from some solar trucks I saw, the ones with reinforced solar panels across the front, they are vey heavy though, getting them in and out can be a major pain. Seeing your vehicle makes me want to go back to tracks, that off road stat makes me drool :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I have to pay attention to them, because having some of them would really increase the travel distance, too efficient not to have. My character has 20 strength, medical mutations, strength CBM + 14 strength default. I have a folded handjack to which I can attach a steel boom if necessary, removing or adding things is pretty easy. :slight_smile: Anyway, you can wield anything, any weight with any character, then just ctrl+d and drop it to the next square, rinse and repeat and carry even a 4 ton tank gun where you want. :smiley:

I did some equipment optimization, I could shed off some more weight, but currently I am very satisfied, removed 2 tank treads, now rolling with 6 very nicely.

The tank treads are awesome man, go for them. Drive through mine fields, buildings! And don’t give a damn! :smiley:


Well goodness gracious, isn’t everyone having fun! Should be a thread dedicated to showing off your vehicles, the way one is for saying your latest death.

So you can put helicopter motors in a car? And heat seeking missiles are a thing we can use? Also tanks?? I have to get exploring more, so many interesting things to find.

Anyway, it would seem that hybrid vehicles are the clear winner, something that actually didn’t occur to me. I only have 6 Mechanics right now so can’t get there yet, but at least I have easy access to 2 Electric motors and storage battiers when the time is right.

I found a Security Truck with a bad V6 diesel engine, and replaced it with a V8 gas engine. I am planning on expanding the back a bit for more room, and maybe a basic turret I found on a APC, though I may not have ammo for it. That will do for a start I suppose, at least until I can get some missiles and plutonium reactors…

Also, if you read this far, I started a new topic looking for advice on building up this Security Truck here, if you could take a min to tell me what I should put in/on it. Thanks!

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