Do river's go on forever?

Well, blobs are organic too right? In which case, according to biological law, their cells need to either be oxygen dependent, AKA normal life, or have hydrogenosomes next to their cell core, but that is only possible on microscopic levels. And anaerobically system only functions on single cells.

But the blob is an alien life form… Hmmm, idk, we humans haven’t had samples to process of cells from other plants or rocks, so hard for me to say if the laws of cellular biology apply universally, but some science tends towards that some basic laws of cells apply universally

** And if you said that blobs were a mass of collective multi-celled cellcular organisms, then how does it function as one unit at any time?

Actually know that i think off it, the blob could ferment the flesh of its host to create ATP

If it needs oxygen, debatable as iirc the portals are spewing out all sorts of gases, then there is no reason to assume it don’t already have a mechanism to extract it directly from water. The blob certainly don’t seem to be bound by the same rules as native life on Earth, it can function at temperatures and in enviromental extremes that any life on Earth would struggle at, if it even could manage it at all. On top of that it does it all at once rather then as a single species that specialises, while also displaying parasitical traits but not actually needing a host survive and can force rapid macro changes in any host it does choose to occupy.

Depending on what level its group intelligence is actually at, it’s basically the perfect lifeform.

Yes well if the blob was 1 unit in 1 body i would accept that, but the blob can be cut into smaller sizes and maintain the same level of function, meaning they dont have organs in their body, but that their bodies functions comes from their cellcular cells.

I don’t know if super biological life could exist at this size. at cellcular levels, sure, but at this size, and with such a compund mass, at earths weak gravty pull, it would fall apart like goo on the floor.

The blob remains me of a bacteria, but life sized.

Buuuut that was if you draw in the “magical” element into this logic, then everything is possiable i guess

Again, it depends on the nature of the blob. From what I understand from in game lore and what Kevin has said it has a mass consciousness, a gestalt mind. The fact that it maintains this regardless of mass along with its other abilities implies at least some self control at a cellular level, if that’s true then it being able to adapt itself on the fly to handle changing circumstances makes perfect sense.

Edit: circumstances like being submerged in water for instance.

The Blob is an trans dimensional entity and doesn’t feel particularly constrained by your understanding of conservation of mass and energy.

Zombies can continue to move while underwater and do not drown. There are no plans to change that.


I think zombies, atleast ones that aren’t made to be underwater to stay away from it,just to make bases near rivers just a little bit better or even an artificial island or base on a wood platform on the middle of a big river,water e so dam lethal to the player and works as basically an invisibility thing for zombies, atleast make them get super lost on water tiles

Iirc they can’t track your scent over water tiles. Which has some advantages.

I think they should not be able to see,eyes need a pocket of air between their surface and the water,this is why fish don’t need to blink,zombies made for water environments should be able to see underwater,normal zombies should not only be deaf and not be able to track your scent but also be blind

Why should bases near rivers be any better than any other base? Beyond the obvious advantages of infinite amounts of nearby water for crafting and access to water creatures for hunting and trapping.

Water isn’t a serious impediment to zombies and moats and rivers are not effective defenses against them. Though I’m pretty sure zombies can’t see or hear underwater so you have that going for you.

I’ve observed this, a juggernaut spotted me on the otherside of a swimming pool. I circled around to try and get it out the water quicker so I could kill it but it popped out in a direct line from where it submerged to where I was before I moved.
If the scent bit is also true then water tiles already gives you pretty much everything you’ve asked for, it’s no different (better actually) then flashing a light at night, zombies always move to the last place they see a living creature unless they get distracted along they way. There are also already water based zombies too, jawed horrors. Unless they come from one of the mods I use anyway, I’m pretty sure (but not 100%) they swim on the surface as well rather then walk along the bottom so they can see while in water.

Well, which elements in this game is logically protected by “its magic”? Which defeats all attempts to talk about something if you can use the “it’s magic, idk” trumpcard.

Is it only monster groups? What about items and tools? Laser rifles like that in the game shoudn’t be possiable either based on what we know right know

“Any sufficiently advanced technology/skill/ability is indistinguishable from magic”

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Zombies are fantastic, and do not entirely conform to our standard understanding of physics and biology. Which should be obvious, because they’re animated dead things. Similarly with nether creatures, the Mycus, triffids, and most of the other trans-dimensional invaders.

And you can talk sensibly about the fantastic elements of the game - the fact that they have a different set of rules doesn’t mean that they don’t have rules. The Blob can’t animate things below a certain mass, for instance, which is why you can pulp and dismember zombies to keep them from reviving or cut chunks of meat off a wolf’s corpse without worrying about the meat becoming tainted.

Items and tools are generally mundane, not fantastic, and one of the projects in the last few years has been to nail down their exact capabilities and make sure they are sensible.

When experimental Z-levels gets to the next (ahem) level we could have bridges that go UP over rivers so you can boat under them.

Will there be plans to make z-levels where you can do deeper under water?

Sorry, no clue, just speculating here.

well dam, thanks for replying though.

dpwb has implemented most of the code necessary for flying vehicles, and as it turns out, that’s much of the code you need for submarines. We still need ways to check a vehicle for being fully water tight, and vehicle parts to represent full watertight seals, but that’s a minor thing.

Submersibles are currently caught in a chicken and egg problem where no one is working on the code for submersibles because there are no deep water locations to explore with them, and no one is working on deep water locations because there aren’t any submersibles. Though I think wist and KorGgenT are doing some underwater locations for Magiclysm so that particular bottleneck may get resolved soon.

Bridges are a harder thing. Submarines and aircraft can transition an entire z-level at a time, but ground vehicles going up ramps need to transition by a row of tiles, which means a vehicle needs to be capable of being on two z-levels at once. This isn’t impossible to code, but it is a fair bit of work, and I have a lot of other things I want to do so it keeps getting pushed to the back of the queue. I’m down to 9-10 open 0.E bugs plus another half-dozen bugs I need to fix, but that’s easily 3 weeks work.

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Ah, you need the Grand Ol’ Duke of York code.

And when they were up they were up,
And when they were down they were down,
And when they were only half way up
They were neither up nor down.


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Basically. Internally, vehicles store their parts as an (x, y) point pair indicating the offset from the vehicle’s location. Those need to be converted to an (x, y, z) point triplet - which is easy enough - and then code for moving a vehicle needs recognize when a tile is moving off a ramp and increment or decrement appropriately, or if the vehicle’s location tile moves off a ramp, decrementing or incrementing all the other parts.

It’s not super hard, I just haven’t done it. Also, debugging it will take a while because although it’s conceptually straightforward, there are going to be missing subtleties and things that got missed.

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