Building a boat in wilderness (no cities)

To this point I thought that I could build a simple boat with oars. Unfortunately it’s a bit useless without controls. Maybe I can find some odd vehicle somewhere but that is a challenge on its own.
Something like a bicycle or a row boat, require a full set of controls is slightly odd.
“Simple vehicle controlls” where discussed some time ago but they where focused on simple electronics panel for operating switches.

You don’t need controls, just oars, though you’ll need at least two tiles with boat boards. I used three for safety, since you’re liable to hit things and have your boat damaged, so a little redundancy is good if you don’t want to have to jump out and push your boat to shore.

Da boat dat works

Hmm, but how do you control it then? How would you steer it?

Drives just like a car, which is not surprising since the boat mod’s basically hacked on top of the current vehicle code. You sit on the tile with the oars, press ^, and away you go. Well, provided you’ve got enough of the boat sitting in water tiles.
Just watch out for schools of fish, they don’t go under your boat as-is, you ram into them and damage your boat. I find it helps to zig-zag in areas with lots of fish, it gives them a chance to get out of the way. Oh and beware of Jawed Terrors, their name isn’t fanciful. I’d bring a shotgun along just in case.

I’d imagine he only has access to spears as this is a no cities run.

Well if a spear is the best he’s got, then I’d say don’t go out on the water unless you have to. My innawoods guy unloaded about 6 rounds of shot into a jawed terror to kill it. It really was terrifying.

It asks which vehicle you want to control. Maybe I’m missing enough boards, will try to grind to mechanics 2 so I can install them.