Anybody ever built a bridge across a river?

I wonder how many logs & how much steel it’d take to build a bridge across a 1-tile river? Assuming you build the shortest bridge possible… I’m pondering saving my character time long-term by building a bridge across the river instead of having to drive across the map each time my character considers venturing around. But it seems like it might be… ahem, dangerous.

I’ve never attempted to make a bridge across even the shortest river. By my estimation. It’s far more expedient to build a raft and just ferry yourself across.

Every shallow tile is going to cost you 40 minutes, six planks, and 12 nails while every deep tile is going to cost you one wooden beam, 12 spikes, 28 nails, 4 logs, and 14 planks in a three step process that takes about 14.5 hours per tile.

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if you are thinking about bridges just to cross the rivers with your deathmobile base, is better to make an hybrid one from scratch

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What’s the largest weight you’ve ever achived in when it came to creating a hybrid death mobile?

I must say having a bunch of NPCs to act as a construction crew makes building structures way more feasible. Which is probably why construction companies aren’t just one guy with a gasmask and a lot of pockets. :grin:


Ooh… that’s what went wrong with my construction company…

On the other hand, I should have already known, since I’ve seen some at work…


i havent dabbled in the hybrid death mobiles, since i prefer to burn my way through forest, as any self respecting pyro would.

i think i saw one image of a 4x7 or something hybrid, made from iron, again, it was a post of just the image, not from the vehicle construction UI, so i dont know which kind of hulls and how many used, but i bet he didnt use any heavy duty frames xD

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Pardon my ignorance, but what on Earth is a “hybrid” deathmobile? Can my deathmobile FLOAT?!

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with enough hulls yeah, thats how you make an hybrid car. although again, most of the images i have seen they are kind of “lightweight”. but you dont need to have a difficult time with crossing rivers or bridges in general.

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