Do kid gas masks fit in with the tone of the game?

SPOILER_450 I thought a kid gas mask would fit in with the tone of the game. I have trouble with humor though so is this something I should try to contribute to the game?


I don’t think Tone is as much of an issue (We have fursuits and giant dinosaur costumes and other such shenanigans) but rather a reasonable justification that the thing is abundant enough in the area the game takes place in, to actually be found. Regular people with gas masks are incredibly scarce, and I cannot think of any modern gas masks marketed for children. The only masks you’ll usually find IRL are either Emergency Service masks, Police or Military masks, or surplus, along with the occasional prepper.

While I’m sure there are some manufacturers of such a product out there, I can’t imagine them being present in any quantity that would justify inclusion in the game, unless we’ve got evidence that FEMA’s been stockpiling such gear.

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Thank you I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to have gas masks accsesable