(Possible bug) That's a lot of coffee beans. [10828]

First, before I continue, is this the best way to go about reporting potential bugs? I wouldn’t want to bloat the forums with this if there’s a more appropriate avenue.

That said, I was exploring a small town, first time here, and I found a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans in a Semi truck . When I went to unload the food into my rucksack, as one does, (much like a deranged buffet attendee) - I noticed something funny about the weight, and opened my inventory to see pic related. I’ve never seen anything like this, but it’s been a while since I last played regularly, and my knowledge of the game is hardly extensive. But yeah, this seems… off.

its probably counting how many beans. just like irl. however i dont count the beans. i weigh it. but we never know. can be a bug or intended.

The best way would be to post an issue on the games github, as most coder can pick it up there:

But here’s fine too, especially if you’re not sure if it really is a bug.

Yeah, I… wouldn’t eat that. You know, not everyone has time for a bathroom break on long tours, so :sweat_smile:
But yeah, this looks like a bug, unless they’re sold in 10 kg packs.

And, to be clear, I yanked this out of an ordinary plastic bag.