Dissecting Corpses Interruption Acting Weird

Version: 0.D-6428-g7cc274d
I just updated to the newest version to make sure the bug was still there. I was interrupted by enemies appearing. I was trying to dissect a zombie scientist when a nearby reality rift appears to have shoved out some hunting horrors and mi-gos. That or they were around already. shrugs Anyway they showed up so I stopped dissecting. I went to shoot my rifle at an approaching mi-go and all of a sudden I’m dead. It asked if I wanted to see the last moments of my life and basically the mi-go just walked up to me and started tearing me apart. I meant, I was shooting it from like seven tiles away so there is no way a precise shot should have taken that long. But it had a huge delay for some reason. I pulled my save file at this point as I figured this was a bug. Restored to just before this. Tried dissecting a corpse again and interrupted again by a hunting horror fighting a kevlar zombie. I let them pass and try again to have another pair of the same interrupt again. I leave it for a lost cause at his point and take off to better loots. I go to do some other action and all of a sudden it completes the dissection… I’m really not sure what is going on other than interrupted dissection is acting weird…

Yeah I can confirm this issue. When you interrupt dissection, it does not interrupt properly. The dissection continues while time passes, even though you are doing other activities. I think the dissected corpse spawn at your feet when it finally finishes. Best make a issue for it on github, if there isn’t already one.

I know nothing about Github. Can you report issues without having an account?