Standing in a pool of blood, looming over my corpses...As myself

Stable V.71c0363
Windows 8.1

I was messing around with the quick save function, I had it set to F1.

Just moments before entering a firefight with a couple of NPCs going berserk, I quicksaved. I jumped out of cover, and was gunned down in seconds.

I closed the window before typing out my final words, annoyed at how there wasn’t any quickloading keys. I open the game up and load the quicksave file.

I’m back behind cover. However, I notice something new. Just a square away from where I was hiding from the frenzied NPCs, I saw a corpse. I was baffled, that wasn’t there when I quick-saved.

I threw a tear gas bomb into the room, then charged in and ended up dying a slow death, blinded and lost in the tear gas cloud. A sharpened rebar found its way into the back of my head, I was dead before I hit the ground. It seems that the NPCs ran out of ammos, which was something that tipped me off somewhat of what was to come.

I closed the window without entering the final words again, loaded the quicksave. This time, I was sure that something was very wrong. The first thing I noticed was the cloud of tear gas.

A few more deaths and reloads later, I’m finally looting the corpses of my attackers. Once I was finished butchering up their corpses, I took a look at those strange corpses that spawned between my quicksaving and loading.

“Human Corpse of DrNightmares”

I notice that the corpse had the same gears as me, only with its chest armor torn into shreds. I looked around. All of the new corpses are me. I quickly got to work with my knife.

I’m still alive, and I’m eating myself.

When you die your save and the graveyard save are separate, if the world isn’t deleted on death your old body still exists. Pretty sure this isn’t a bug, just a glitch of abnormal save uesage.

Is this the wrong place to post this, then?

If you thought it was a bug, which judging from the build number in the topic you did, no. It’s in the right place

This is the price for the time travel (AKA savescumming)

And it’s why we don’t encourage folks to mess with the savegames. We don’t stop you from doing so, but we don’t much care if weird multicorpsing happens as a result.