Discrepancy in bone broth benefits when used in recipes

Bone broth on it’s own gives a +10 to joy when it’s chugged down straight up, whereas its usage in recipes (eg:soups) see’s it get a reduction of up to -9 to the same stat. This brings it back down to the same level as using normal broth, but at a much greater expense due to cooking time etc…

Can bone broth usage in recipes be changed to respect it’s usage, rather than have it lose its benefits?

I mean, bone broth isn’t terrible, but it’s no chocolate. +10 seems high to me.

Bones are an integral ingredient to a delicious thick stock, it’s largely where its delicious flavour and texture comes from.

The 1 (and a bit) hour of cooking time (in game) is also grossly misrepresented, as good stock can simmer all day whilst it extracts the collagen from the bones. Bones could also be roasted to add another dimension of flavor to a stock. But all that aside…

You may be right in saying that +10 is a bit high, but stock is bloody nice stuff, and regardless of the exact ‘joy’ value, I would have hoped that the extra effort put into making and using the broth (over it’s alternatives) would be reflected in it’s end product rather than being completely lost.