Enjoyability of food and in general (git 00efc6d7fe)

I look into the crafting guide, and see that smoked fish/meat have +6/5 joy, respectively. However, in the [E]at menu, they are both shown as having 0 joy. Heating them up also results in 0 joy food.


What is going on?

In general, music gives +30 morale. Eating +12 joy hot deluxe sandwiches only sends focus towards 134 or so (on top of music). Drinking fancy hobo (+20 joy) apparently sends it to 150. There does not seem to be any logical logic behind the logic of joy. Short of drinking fancy hobo, you can forget about getting above 130 focus equilibrium. Most of the food effects are poor and fairly short-lived at about 90 minutes at most.

There’s a difference between morale and focus. Morale >100 means you will get additional focus but it is not equal to (morale-100), it’s actually less. So even if you manage to get to, say, 1000 morale, you won’t get to 1000 focus - it will be like 200.
idk if there’s an actual hardcap on focus or the increase is just slowing down gradually but anyway, those two values are not one and the same. You can check ‘v’ menu - it will show your morale, and what your focus is drifting toward to. At high morale values you’ll notice the difference.

in the [v] menu, focus target is basically morale bonus/malus +100.

Negative joy stuff affects morale much harder than positive joy. Reading a book with -1 joy once yields -5 morale.

You’ve probably been eating a lot of it recently, and are bored of it.
IIRC the effect is -2 joy for each one you’ve eaten recently, capped at 0 (if the inital joy is > 0).

Yep. Though, some items (junk food/alcohol?) don’t seem to suffer from this enjoyability decay.

Why would someone craft woods soup or fish soup, when doing so usually brings enjoyability down and takes a lot of time?

  1. Grinding food handling skill
  2. Because it’s something different to eat.
  3. I think sometimes cooked food has better nutritional values than the raw foodstuffs it’s made of?

Personally, though, I’ve got so many MRE dropped by soldier zombies that I’ve been eating those for weeks.

Problem is, smoking rack is free in terms of time and produces dehydrated vegetables. In case of plant marrow, it raises calories 25->34 and enjoyability -8 → 0.

Soups and stuff should be batch craftable in large pots in the same time it takes to craft one in a small one. Or at least have 99% time saving at >1. Or perhaps have a 60L vehicle cooking tank like the refrigerated one, but that can be used to cook soups at no cost in time (just have to load stuff and wait a few hours).

Just ate with table and chair(!): fried dandelions and burdocs (+6 joy), jam and butter sandwich (+15 joy). As a result: my total positive morale is +31, of which stereo music is 30 and food 1. On the other hand, if I eat starch (-18 joy), then my morale immidiately goes down by -18 and even further if I eat more starch.

How is this system not totaly broken?!

This is after 30 minutes: